This JMRaceradiator is mounted behind the original cooler. The fan should only be removed. It is extremely important that the condition of the original cooler is good, because the air/wind (cooling) comes only through the original cooler before this wind at the additional cooler. If your original radiator is bad and the fins of the cooler are bent by stone impact or something else, then the effectiveness of the cooler by the additional cooler will be insufficient.

The set consists of:

  • Two silicones hoses in the color blue
  • Two aluminum tubes
  • Hose clamp for mounting
  • Two year warranty
  • All our coolers are neatly packed before they are dispatched
  • Easy installation behind the original OEM radiator already present in your engine.
  • This extra cooler comes with all mounting parts.


Note: The temperature goes 10 degrees approximately down if your original radiator is in a good condition. Advantage of this cooler is that it can be mounted with stock oem exhaustsystem and with a Racingline.

Price: Euro 945.00      21% VAT included.

If you want to buy this cooler or have questions about the cooler? Please feel free too contact us at:


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