monzatech cooling system

MonzaTech IEC kit
With our Intelligent Engine Cooling kit
you will no longer have temperature problems!

What you will get:

Components created in black anodized billet aluminium
Optimal control of the engine temperature
Maintaining the engine at a set temperature
No loss of power even in the heaviest use
Proportional control of the pump water flow according to the motor heating
Proportional control of the fan air flow as a function of motor heating
Less engine wear
Cooling even with the engine off: once the engine is turned off, the pump and fan (s) will remain active for 30/40 ‘(depending on the application) to reduce the engine temperature as much as possible
Possibility of overhauling the kit
Easy implementation of electronic updates for the control unit
Professional wiring
Dedicated silicone hoses with high resistance to temperature and pressure
Assembly manual and instructions included