Arai RX-7V Racing

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14 November 2021
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16 November 2021

Arai RX-7V Racing


Arai RX-7V Racing White Motorcycle Helmet
The RX-7V is Arai’s top model. The helmet improves on the previous model in many ways and is perfect for track and road use. This Arai RX-7V Edition is another one of its kind!


In brief:
– PB SNC2 shell

– Diffuser type 12

– IC Duct5

– Chin cover

– Ventilation channels

– Eco Pure lining

– Emergency release

– Speaker prepared

– VAS visor

– Max Vision Pinlock

Exterior Arai RX-7V Racing White Motorcycle Helmet
The exterior of the RX-7V is made from Arai’s own PB SNC2. This is a composite of glass fiber, among other things, but also contains many other synthetic fibres. Together with newly designed synthetic resins, this results in a very strong and, above all, smooth helmet shell. This gives the helmet a smoother surface which increases the helmet’s ability to deflect and distribute impact energy over the entire surface of the helmet.

Aerodynamics Arai RX-7V Racing White Motorcycle Helmet
The new diffusers on the helmet, the so-called type 12 diffusers, are longer and straighter, giving the helmet better aerodynamic properties. In addition, it works together with the Air Wing, which provides significantly better stability. The efficiency of the intake spoilers has also been significantly improved by the diffusers. The IC Duct5 air intakes are more adjustable, which provides better control over the amount of air entering the helmet and less wind noise. Also, the larger switch facilitates opening and closing these air inlets. There is a chin cover on the chin to increase stability and prevent lift.

Interior Arai RX-7V Racing White motorcycle helmet
The interior is made of Arai’s own Eco Pure lining. This substance has a neutral acidity, comparable to the acidity of human skin, and is also antibacterial. In addition, this fabric is of course also soft and comfortable. The interior of the helmet is also adjustable, which ensures a comfortable and good fit. The helmet has an emergency release system. This makes it easier for emergency services to safely, quickly and stably remove the helmet from your head. In the cushions at the ears there is a recess where possible speakers of a communication system can be placed. The interior also contains many small air channels so that the helmet ventilates better and the air is better distributed over the entire head. It also ensures a better discharge of air from the helmet.