Bikeplast Yamaha R3 2015-2018

20 October 2022
Thermal Technology XXXL RACE Tyrewarmers
22 October 2022

Bikeplast Yamaha R3 2015-2018



Racing Fairing Kit – Yamaha R3 2019 – 2020

650.00 € ex. VAT

Race Bodywork set includes: Upper fairing, lower fairing, Rear unit seat, Dzus fasteners, heatproof foil, pre-drilled.

Extra bonus: Comes with a pre-drilled kit of Dzus fasteners.

Made from GFK Fiberglass Flexi with kevlar & carbon reinforcement in the stressed areas.


Basic kit includes: upper fairing, lower fairing, RACE seat + 1 x front and 1 x L+R rear ALU bracket + L+R lower side panel, 14 x dzus fasteners, heat protection film)

Extra Bonus: Comes with a pre-drilled set of Dzus fasteners.

Manufactured from GRP Fiberglass Flexi with Kevlar & Carbon reinforcement in stressed areas.

This is a high quality motorcycle kit with fairings. Fairings are very light and strong with excellent finish and precise fit. We use a lot of Kevlar and carbon reinforcement in the most stressed areas.

The body is made of GRP fiberglass FLEXI in white Aral 9003. It is UV-stable and has 3 x K-K-Carbon-Kevlar reinforcement at the attachment point.

The basic kit comes with a set of dzus fasteners, pre-drilled heat resistant sheeting and a drain rubber plug.

We have over 16 years of experience manufacturing quality products for racing motorcycles used by many customers and teams worldwide in World Championships, MotoAmerica and National Championships.