BMW S1000RR 2019-2024 large Superbike kit-radiator

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2 December 2022
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BMW S1000RR 2019-2024 large Superbike kit-radiator


Kit cooler SBK specification,

for BMW S 1000 RR 2019 – (K67),

M 1000 RR 2021- (K66),

Hand-welded high performance kit radiator, aluminum

NEW TO THE PROGRAM AND AVAILABLE FROM APRIL 2024! The new 2019 onwards Large cooler kit radiator.

The top cooler is suitable for water and the bottom for oil. The big advantage of this oil cooler is that it is much more efficient than a water cooler.

This JMRaceradiators cooler kit is supplied as a kit with:

  • Upper water radiator with 30mm core
  • Lower additional oil cooler with 30mm core
  • Adapter with dash-AN08 connectors
  • dash-AN08 oil hose set
  • Upper radiator support
  • Complete set – all mounting parts
  • 4 Samco silicone hose in Blue color (there is no other color!)
  • 4 hose clamp for mounting/securing silicone hoses
  • 1x JMRaceradiators radiator cap 2:0 bar
  • Replaceable oil radiator under the water cooler by means of screw connection
  • 1 year warranty
  • Optimized radiator capacity through the use of high quality 30mm. High performance core
  • Pressure tested (all coolers are pressure tested for leaks before leaving the workshop).
  • Installation advice from our sales department.
  • Delivery time approximately 12-20 weeks. Always ask before ordering!
  • DOES NOT fit with streetfairing (roadbikes). JUST track bikes with racetrack fairing. Our S1000RR 2019 (onwards) has CRC racing fairing and we only cut out/enlarged the fairing at the bottom of the nose!
  • Are you not originally a good mechanic? Ask us. We would be happy to install it for you. Ask about delivery time and price.
  • Always read “QUESTIONS” FIRST (in the menu)
  • This kit radiator keeps the temperature around 80 degrees on hot days.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. With this cooler, you will no longer have the problem of your engine overheating on the track.

Hazard! Not suitable for original exhaust system. Easy to install with an Akrapovic or other similar racing exhaust systems.