Brembo HPK 320 mm. no.208973748

Underslung Rear wheel brake line R1/R6
17 March 2023
Starlane GPS Receiver R1 2015 onwards
18 March 2023

Brembo HPK 320 mm. no.208973748


R1 2015-2020
R6 2017-2023
Brembo product no.208973748

Brembo brake discs Yamaha R1 R1M RN32 RN49 RN65 Brembo product no.208973748

The material used here is identical to the material used for the brake discs used by most teams in the Superbike World Championship / Supersport World Championship and Moto GP / wet conditions. The extremely robust brake discs allow absolutely constant braking performance under all conditions (especially with the Brembo – brake pads Z04). The brake discs can be used in conjunction with the original brake calipers, or e.g. B. with the Brembo calipers

Technical specifications:
– interchangeable with the original brake discs (see separate list)
– Brake ring 35 mm wide (also suitable for the original calipers)
– Brake disc thickness 5.5 mm
– Stainless steel brake ring, racing material
– Brake disc inner part made of aluminium, gold
– floating storage with 10 floaters
– Extremely robust with little wear and tear
– for many models with ABE

Fits the following models:

– Yamaha R1/R1M RN32 2015/2016
– Yamaha R1/R1M RN49 2017/2018/209
– Yamaha R1/R1M RN65 2020/2021
– Yamaha R6 RJ27 2017/2020
– Yamaha R6 RJ15 2006/2016 ATTENTION: WITH BREMBO (5mm.) SPACERS