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17 January 2023
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product code: 110A26310


Model: 19 RCS (adjustable 18-20mm)

Stop switch included, pump compatible with ABS system.

The Brembo RCS radial pump was the product that revolutionized the world of braking systems over the last decade.

The radial pump is defined for its configuration so that both the force of the fingers on the lever and that of the lever itself act on the piston in the same direction, i.e. radial to the anchor point of the pump, i.e. the handlebars.

This means that all force exerted on the lever is converted into a braking effect, ie braking becomes powerful, constant and precise.

RCS System:

Brembo’s patented RCS system moves the lever intermediate shaft by turning an eccentric.

Switching from one configuration to the other is very easy and allows you to adapt the braking to the characteristics of the track, the weather or between road and track.

The braking power will always be the same, but the feeling will be perfect!

Technical features:

Piston diameter: 19mm

Lever distance: 18/20 mm

Material: CNC forged aluminum

Finish: hard anodized

Weight: 350gr.

Brake fluid: POINT 4

The 19 mm version in particular is recommended for all two-pane systems and is available in 4 different versions:

– 19 x 16 It is the racing version, with the same force applied to the lever, you can brake very hard directly, which is not recommended for road use.

– 19 x 18 is an intermediate sport version, not recommended for street use

– 19 x 20 It is the most reactive version, always very sensitive and ready to brake. Since it is less powerful, it is recommended for road use.

– 19 RCS is the version that allows you to vary the wheelbase from 18 to 20 mm. It is suitable for both road and track use.

On our website you will find all accessories and spare parts for Brembo pumps (kit, tanks, jumpers, levers, remote controls, etc.)

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**** If your motorcycle is equipped with hand guards, the pump may not be compatible. We therefore recommend that you contact us to check compatibility.