Ducati Panigale V2 955 additional JM water/oilradiator

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11 October 2023
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Ducati Panigale V2 955 additional JM water/oilradiator


This is one of the most sold JMRaceradiators. Some riders from the Ducati Challenge Cup 2016 bought this radiator. This oil/water cooler cools many times better than the original additional waterradiator. And is a must have for any fast trackrider!!

fits Ducati Pani: 955 V2

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Ducati V2 oil/water additional JM radiator cools many times better than the original water radiator. On hot days, this radiator keeps the cooling water at least 13 degrees lower, and sometimes even 20 degrees.

The efficiency of oil cooling is very high. The kit consists of: Complete set as shown in the photos with 1 cooling water hose, oil hoses with (blue) couplings for oil hoses, hose clamps, adapter plate that replaces the heat exchanger and an O-ring gasket for the adapter plate.

We have the oil pipes with the blue gland made exclusively in a factory where pipes are pressed and made for the aircraft industry.

The best quality!

The kit contains a complete set as on the pictures with:

  • 1 year warranty
  • 1 silicone hose in blue/black (please mention when order!)
  • 2 hose clamps
  • 2 suitable custom-made oil pipes with insulation
  • 1 adapter plate with bolts for mounting
  • 2 oil connectors to be mounted in the oil adapter plate
    1 Ducati (oem) rubber gasket for adapter plate
  • Installation manuel
  • Ready-made, suitable oil pipes are supplied with insulation material (up to 300 gr.) that have the correct length for perfect installation. (See pictures)
  • Fits and works perfectly
  • Does NOT fit with roadfairings or roadbikes.
  • Does NOT fit with SPARK Exhaust system very well because the exhaust pipe makes a large angle forward. You need to make a modification and order at least a extra oilline to get it fit.
  • When mounted you CANNOT mount the fan
  • For track use only
  • Delivery time: approx. 6-20 weeks. Please inquire about the delivery time before ordering in the shop
  • Suitable stainless steel racing mesh guard is mounted.
  • Do not forget to mention what colour silicone hose (Blue or Black) When you order!