Forté Cooling System Flush

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10 August 2021
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Forté Cooling System Flush


* Thoroughly cleans the cooling system
* Supplied in a 400 ml. bottle


Forté Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush is a complete and complex cooling system cleaner that contains oil,
removes sludge, gel, rust, corrosion and scale from cooling systems, reducing heat transfer and
cooling capacity of the cooling system is restored.

Forté Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush offers the following benefits:

• Removes oil, sludge and scale and corrosion deposits from the cooling system.
• Cleaning the coolant level in the expansion tank can be checked again.
• Restores the heat transfer capacity of the cooling system.
• A clean cooling system reduces the thermal load on the engine oil.
• Dissolves gel formation that has formed in stove radiators at low temperatures.
• Reduces the chance of heater radiator clogging and overheating problems.
• Prevents plastic water pump impellers from being affected by oil and sludge.
Forté Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush is compatible with all antifreeze and coolant formulations.
Forté recommends cleaning the cooling system at least once every 2 years to guarantee the heat transfer in the cooling system and thus the cooling capacity.
To support the additive package of the new coolant, Forté recommends adding Forté Advanced Radiator Stop Leak, which conditioned the coolant and improves protection against leaks, corrosion and cavitation.
Forté Bio Degreaser & Cooling System Flush should preferably be used with water.

Use Add 8% of the coolant volume, 1 vial is sufficient for medium sized cooling systems.
Shake well before use.

Click here for the user manual in PDF format.