Forté Moto Power I

i2m ABS Emulator R1 2020+
23 September 2021
Forté Moto Power II
30 October 2021

Forté Moto Power I


Item number: 02711
Content: 150ml.


Forté Moto Power I offers the following benefits:

Cleans the entire fuel system: The tank, fuel tap, carburettors and the entire injection system.
Removes deposits from nozzles, dosing ports and injector needles.
Dissolves tar, varnish and resin throughout the fuel system.
Neutralizes acids formed by aging and oxidation of the fuel.
Improves combustion and engine performance.
Improves throttle response.
Lowers exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

Forté Moto Power I is compatible with all types of petrol, up to and including E20. Forté recommends the use of Forté Moto Power I and Forté Moto Power II with every service. By using both products, the fuel system is cleaned, carbon deposits are removed and fuel aging is prevented.