Forté Moto Power II

Forté Moto Power I
12 February 2023
Forté Premium Top End Treatment
12 February 2023

Forté Moto Power II


Item number: 02811
Content: 150ml.


Forté Moto Power II offers the following benefits:

Removes carbon deposits on intake and exhaust valves, in combustion chambers and in the upper piston ring grooves.
Improves the storage stability of the petrol (E5/E10) and prevents aging.
Protects against corrosion and prevents the build-up of tar, varnish and resin in the fuel system.
Prevents freezing of carburettors.
Removes moisture from the tank and carburettors.
Provides top lubrication and improves friction in the fuel system (friction modifier).
Stabilizes fuel mixed with alcohol (E5/E10).
Improves combustion and reduces harmful exhaust emissions.
Reduces fuel consumption and improves engine performance.

Forté Moto Power I is compatible with all types of petrol, up to and including E20. Forté recommends the use of Forté Moto Power I and Forté Moto Power II with every service. By using both products, the fuel system is cleaned, carbon deposits are removed and fuel aging is prevented.