Healtech PAIR system eliminator module R1 2015-2023

Healtech Exhaust servo eliminator module R1 2015-2023
7 July 2023
GYTR Interface cabel
13 July 2023

Healtech PAIR system eliminator module R1 2015-2023


Product code: PSE-02

Get rid of the annoying FI light coming on when removing or disconnecting the PAIR system from your motorcycle. Get the job done right!


The PAIR system on modern sport and street bikes injects fresh air to the exhaust. Doing so, it minimizes the amount of unburnt fuel getting to the atmosphere. This is why the popping occurs on heavy deceleration, as the unburnt fuel is combusting in the end can.

Whether you just simply want to get rid of the popping, or opting for a dyno tune, the PAIR system is in your way. However, disconnecting the PAIR valve from the bike’s main harness will instantly result in the FI light coming on (which could mask some serious bike/engine related faults).

The PS Eliminator will do the trick in a blink of an eye – just plug it in to the PAIR valve’s connector and you’re all set!

(Race use only!)