I2M Tacho Chrome Lite

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14 November 2021
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14 November 2021

I2M Tacho Chrome Lite


Easy installation with the right connection cable for Yamaha RN32 RN49 RN65, R6, ZX10-R, Panigale, CBR1000RR etc…
plus €72.60 including VAT.

– Fully customizable graphic display
– 12 high brightness alarm LEDs, fully customizable
– Integrated lap timer and data acquisition

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The Chrome dashboard is a real innovation among motorcycle aftermarket dashboards. Thanks to a real-color 800×480 display and a 400MHz processor, this dashboard guarantees both the designer and the end user extreme flexibility and provides a lot of useful information with its user-friendly menus.

The display has been chosen by I2M in such a way that it guarantees optimal legibility even in direct sunlight and a special anti-reflective glass prevents side effects from the sun.

Chrome is simultaneously a dashboard, a chronograph and a data acquisition system. One can use the handy menus to select (and adjust if necessary) 20 preloaded circuits. 500 laps can be recorded for each route and 3 split times are available for each lap.
Chrome calculates and shows the user the summary of the individual route data such as a map, best lap, ideal lap and number of laps completed. It stores a lot of saved data for both the previous day’s sessions and the current day, so that the pilot can quickly assess the trend of the day.
Thanks to the graphics, Chrome allows the user to view the map directly on the monitor, so that one can change the position of the finish line and split it at will by simply moving the cursor over the map.

Chrome juxtaposes position and speed tracking via a 10 Hz GPS, RPM measurement, front and rear speed and up to 8 external analog channels with a sampling rate up to 10 Hz and an additional 10 channels up to 10 Hz. acquisition allows 1 GB of data and a sampling rate of up to 100 Hz for each channel to meet any acquisition need.
A practical menu can be used to select the sessions to be analysed, sort them by track and date, delete them or download them to a USB stick. You can then use the Danas software to analyze data on a PC.