I2M Tacho Chrome Plus

DID ERV7 RCGG 120ZB chain
28 May 2021
I2M Tacho Chrome PRO 2 universal
30 June 2021

I2M Tacho Chrome Plus


Chrome Plus makes it easy to create videos with data and use them to analyze the performance of Dana’s new video features
Chrome can automatically connect to an external network if it’s in the box. Data can be downloaded quickly and easily directly from the PC.

A carbon protective cover is available for Chrome Lite and Chrome Plus. It protects the dashboard from scratches and gravel (in the event of an accident). The internal rubber allows for easy attachment.

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The Chrome Plus has gained two new 100 Hz analog channels (for bikes with Can Bus), increasing the available 100 Hz channels to 10, which is made up of RPM, front and rear speed, GPS speed and acceleration, Incline angle and 10 user-defined 10 Hz channels add up depending on the bike model. The GPS altitude channel is now also available. Thanks to the power of Chrome Plus, it is now possible to implement the DDS (Danas Dynamic Settings), which makes it possible to change some parameters such as map or traction control on each route corner by corner! (now available for ZX10R 2016 and Yamaha R1> 2015).

By coupling the DANAS software with data from the lambda probe with stoichiometric functions, you can create your own map directly on the route.

The Chrome Plus dashboard is the new evolution in the Chrome family. In this new version all functions have been improved, starting with the famous shape and the true color display 800×400, all electronics inside have been completely redesigned with a new 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM and up to 16GB internal storage.
Now you can put together the classic monochrome backgrounds and new backgrounds like carbon look and analog tachometer.
It received new side RGB alarms and all of the integrated electronics for the Bosch LSU 4.9 lambda probe. By combining the data with Danas’ stoichiometric functions, it is possible to create your own fuel map while driving.

In questa maniera creare video con la sovrapposizione dei propri dati o analizzare le propprie performance con le nuove funzioni video di Danas risulterà etremamente semplice. The system is to be saved in an automatic college and in another box, it is possible to download the tariff directly from the own PC speed and the team operating.

Chrome Plus has a new video input to which you can connect a Logitech-Cam C270 [1280×720 25fps resolution], while the audio is recorded via an internal microphone and is thus protected from the wind, in order to achieve optimal sound reproduction from the bicycle motor.
A CNC aluminum case is available to replace the original Logitech C270 plastic case. This makes the webcam waterproof and has a Gopro compatible connection. It also has a screw connector to connect it directly to Chrome.
If the 720p resolution is not enough for you, you can control an external GoPro (Hero3 / 4) cam with the new Chrome Plus via an external WLAN antenna, switch it on and off and start recording synchronously with the data acquisition. This is how you can create a synchronized video with the captured data.