Marchesini M7RS Genesi Aluminum Rims Yamaha R1 15-24 R6 2017 onwards

S1000RR 2019 onwards aluminum rear subframe
22 February 2024
Angle valve for PVM/OZ/ Marchesini rims
24 February 2024

Marchesini M7RS Genesi Aluminum Rims Yamaha R1 15-24 R6 2017 onwards


SKU: AS71546 + AS72669

color: high-gloss black

Distinctive style, performance and lightness. The M7RS Genesi made of forged aluminum alloy is a bike that offers the highest possible performance at a fair price that meets the needs of most hobby riders. From success on the track to the best possible feeling with your motorcycle on the road. The M7RS Genesi was developed using the most modern construction, structure analysis and experimentation methods. The use of multi-directional aluminum alloy forging and the use of shapes optimized for the final geometry of the wheel make it possible to obtain a very light material with exceptional mechanical specifications. The weight of the set (of the two assembled wheels) is only 8.3 kg. Compared to the original bikes from major European and Japanese brands, the M7RS Genesi enables a weight reduction of 16% to 33%.


Technical specifications:

Front rim 17 “x 3.50”

Rear wheel rim 17 “x 5.50” – 17 “x 6.00”

Material Specially forged aluminum

Weight (v + h) in kg 8.3kg +/- 200g

Valve V90

Shock absorber 4240 (5)

– including anti-slip coating
– including sprocket carrier (original sprocket no longer fits!)
– Extremely robust rims despite the low weight.
– Standard colors black glossy black matt and gold (special colors possible for an additional charge)
– Delivery is ready for installation with all bearings.
– Original brake discs can still be used.