MWR Full Race Performance Air Filter MC-090-15

Enlarged aluminium oil pan for Ducati Panigale
27 December 2023
7 January 2024

MWR Full Race Performance Air Filter MC-090-15


Part number: MC-090-15

MWR Performance Air Filter for :

R1  →  ’15/’24

MT10 ’15/’21

No modifications needed!

The foam material of our racing filters has a much more open structure compared to the foam material of the road filters, which means that the duration of maintenance is much shorter, the protection is at the same level as our racing bike filters but for a shorter time, which means that the maintenance is much shorter and more intensive. The maintenance frequency for race track filters is after every two race weekends.

Our performance filters for circuit engines have a recommended maintenance frequency of once a year… regardless of mileage.

Even if you travel 50km that year. If you have driven, adhere to the guidelines, the priority for the filter is that the foam does not dry out, keep it “wet” from the oil

In equatorial countries with high temperatures and high temperatures, the frequency should be reduced to twice a year. The racing bike filter can maintain the normal maintenance frequency

Only MWR Biodegradable Filter Oil and Biodegradable Filter Cleaner should be used to also protect the filter against backwash.

MWR Full Race Airfilter, developed on the track, NOT on a dyno but in real life, cycling with Dataloggers for the ultimate performance through new materials and design, protection is at the same level as the above filters, only for a shorter time.

Unlike any other sports filter, all inlets in this Racing Airfilter receive the same amount of air, regardless of engine speed, wind direction or fairing turbulence. There is no need for different fuel allocations between internal and external or front and rear cylinders, this is achieved by tuning each cylinder individually. It makes the bike stronger but smoother, saving tires and fuel.

Please note: The MWR Race Airfilter only protects 100% for a short period, check your filter after every race weekend, only use MWR filter oil & cleaner. Make sure you start every race weekend with a well-oiled filter. This air filter is not designed to reduce intake noise.

Remapping the ECU or Fuel Control Module is highly recommended.

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