Oil drain plug magnetic M14 x 1.5 (incl. washer)

Akrapovic Racing Line stainless steel manifold S-Y10R15-APLT
9 May 2023
Left Racing Jetprime handlebar switch Yamaha YZF-R1 2015-2019
11 May 2023

Oil drain plug magnetic M14 x 1.5 (incl. washer)


  • Removes the tiny metal pieces out of the oil
  • Reduces engine wear

Due to the moving parts an engine is wearing. When this happens, tiny pieces of metal get into the motor oil. An oil filter is able to filter these pieces of metal out of the oil, however it can only filter the relatively large pieces out of the oil. This means that the smaller pieces remain in the oil (even when the oil is changed, residue is left in the engine). When these tiny pieces of metal stay inside the engine, they are circulated millions of times causing the engine to wear out.

This unnecessary wear can be strongly reduced by installing this magnetic oil drain plug. The magnet ensures even the smallest pieces of metal to be caught, so these are no longer in the oil and can not cause any damage or wear to your engine.

This oil drain plug has the following dimensions: M14 x 1.5 and therefore fits at least the Yamaha YZF-R6, YZF-R7 & YZF-R1