Paddock Wizard color RED

R1 B3L engine conversion adapterplates to build engine in 2CR chassis
15 January 2024
R1 B3L OEM DASH B3L-83500-01
28 January 2024

Paddock Wizard color RED




  • The Paddock Wizard comes in RED. If you would like a different color, please state this clearly when ordering.
  • Delivery time: 4-6 weeks
  • More than a standard rim!
  • The Paddock Wizard is a standard that solves problems.
  • Everything you need for the race has its place and is easily accessible by bike.
  • The main carrier – spray can holder, a paper roll holder and a storage space for e.g. pressure gauges, tools etc. are equipped with four more
    The helmet is also well taken care of.
  • As a special highlight, the universal helmet holder is equipped with a 230 V fan that counteracts moisture and odors.
  • With the long post option for wheels, the assistant allows the inclusion of 4 wheels, which are secured by spring clips before moving.
  • The required power supply is a long power cord supplied by Paddock Wizard.
  • There are three sockets on the main beam. Power supply via a socket on the surface, as well as two switchable sockets on the wheel arches for better use by tire warmers.
  • It can be completely dismantled using handle screws and is equipped with lockable wheels, easy to carry and maneuverable when assembled, very good in the paddock.
  • Helmet holder: A dry liner again in no time
  • Sockets: 3 sockets, the two bottom ones for the tire warmer switch: control of the helmet ventilation and for the paper roll holder: for large paper roll holder: for useful things, such as pressure air testers
  • Cup holder: 4 pieces for all aerosol can sizes
  • Wheel stand: for 2-4 wheels, bar length on request, or 2 or 4 wheels
  • Standing: with stable wheels for more flexibility
  • Transport: The stand is fully assembled
  • Available in different colors, please select when ordering.
  • Available in colors: Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, White.