PZRacing Laptimer P&P B2 TRONIC WIFI GPS RECIEVER S1000RR 2019 onwards

18 June 2024
USED R1 2015-2024 PVM 3V alloy wheels ex. Jonas Folger by MGM Superbike
25 June 2024

PZRacing Laptimer P&P B2 TRONIC WIFI GPS RECIEVER S1000RR 2019 onwards


Code: BW601

BMW Tronic can be used on the following models:

  • BMW S1000rr /M 2019-2024


NOTES: This receiver DOES NOT require any activation by BMW

50Hz plug & play GPS receiver for BMW models. The receiver uses the original dashboard of the bike as a display; the time performed is displayed directly on your dashboard, the data stored in the original instrumentation can be easily recalled on the display.

Preloaded most famous circuits in the world, it will no longer be necessary to press any button on the track to memorize the coordinates of the finish line.

“Fastest Lap Anticipated” function: on S1000RR models from 2012 onwards and on all S1000Rs there is the “best_bmwveloce anticipated lap” warning light; every 100m the dashboard will compare the current time with the corresponding intermediate of the best stored lap; if the intermediate time of the current lap is better than the memorized intermediate it means that you are making your best lap and therefore the warning light will turn on, in the next 100m a new check will be carried out and so on until the finish line, in this way at any point of the track you will know if you are doing the best lap or not with a quick glance.

Split times / ideal times, in addition to displaying the lap time on the dashboard in real time, once the session is over, you can download the stored data and view the intermediate times and the ideal time of the session on the software.

Wi-Fi data download, integrated Wi-Fi module on board that allows fast data download and a stable connection, about 20 seconds for a 20-minute session.

Data acquisition, all the data detected by the GPS will be stored in the internal memory of the receiver (6 hours of recording), after which it will be possible to download and view them on the RacePro software.

Technical features:

  • 50Hz GPS receiver
  • Internal memory: 6 hours
  • Wi-Fi data download
  • 100% plug and play
  • Automatic track loading: worldwide database
  • Waterproof
  • Dimensions: 60x35x18mm
  • Weight: 60gr.