R1 2015-2023 Rear wheel support

R1 B3L captive wheel spacer set
15 February 2023
Jetprime Kill Switch with motorcycle key KS 003
15 February 2023

R1 2015-2023 Rear wheel support


Rear wheel support guide for oem rear wheel with screws

Rear wheel guide/holder for Yamaha YZF R1 2015-2023

For oem Yamaha R1 2015-2023 original swingarm
Rear wheel support in the swingarm i.c.w. our underslung
This guide will hold the wheel in place when the axle is removed. Must have a fixed caliper to work properly.
To use these operations you MUST use a 520 pitch chain/sprocket and shorten the sprocket bolts to be flush with the supplied nuts/washers.

To use the guide, remove the axle nut and with one hand loosen the wheel and push the axle out. The wheel will lean slightly to the right but will stay in place and wait for you to remove it. The guide rides on the gear carrier when shaft is out. To install the axle, use one hand to relieve the wheel and push the axle into place