R1 Original Large Radiator

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6 September 2020
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R1 Original Large Radiator


Fits stock and trackbike R1 2CR
M.Y. 2015-2021

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Yamaha YZF R1 Original large radiator model:2015-2021

* the big advantage of this cooler is that it is 30mm. is thick instead of 22mm. The holes in the core of the radiator are larger.
* The temperature compared to the standard original radiator drops by a maximum of 6 degrees. (depending on how fast you are and whether the engine block is equipped with additional tuning parts.)
* For serious use on the racetrack, we always recommend installing the Samco bypass kit in combination with the large oil additional radiator which we sell a lot.
* Including racing radiatorcap 2.0 bar
* You can ONLY use this large radiator on the racetrack without a fan. There is no way to mount the fans as there are no brackets.
* including stainless steel grille mounted
* NEW Radiator with 2 year warranty

With this radiator you no longer have the problem of your engine getting too warm on the racetrack.

With this radiator, the temperature on warm days (30 degrees outside temperature) remains around 85 degrees including the JMRaceradiator additional oilradiator.

For advice on “your cooling problems”, we always ask you to call us first. Depending on the ambition and problem, we always find a suitable solution.