R6 2006 onwards Race system extra low DB.

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30 May 2023
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R6 2006 onwards Race system extra low DB.


Completely newly developed complete system with double silencers for Yamaha R6 2006-2023

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Made of 1mm stainless steel. All welding joints are welded with root gas and manually checked for any unevenness. The inspection is one of many steps in Swedish Race Parts’ quality control to ensure maximum performance. The exhaust system is designed to provide high, but above all, even power and still keep the sound down as much as possible. Comes with Dominator’s specially developed  Evo II silencer with carbon fiber finish.

Note that the image does not show the 500mm silencer.

The exhaust pipe was developed over a period of 1 year in order to achieve maximum effect over the entire register, while at the same time meeting the county board’s strict noise level requirements. The total sound attenuation is 680mm, divided between 180mm lower silencer and 500mm Evo silencer. The attachment point under the engine fits directly into the original holder. Supplied with springs, steel ring with rubber cover for Octagon silencer. Brace to rear frame included. The entire system passed our noise test at Knutstorp and Anderstorp without a dB killer. The system is used in the R6 cup and passed all tracks in Sweden without a dB killer in 2021. The exhaust system is also used by international race teams where the sound requirements are equivalent to those in Sweden, among others in Holland and Germany. We recommend repacking silencers at least once every two years to maintain sound attenuation.

If lambda screws are desired, they are available under accessories under the Exhaust pipe category.

Weight approx. 5500gr.

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks.