YAMAHA R6 2017-2024 large additional oilradiator

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14 February 2020
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5 April 2020

YAMAHA R6 2017-2024 large additional oilradiator


YAMAHA R6 2017+ large additional oil JMRACERADIATOR + kit

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Yamaha R6 2017-2024 onwards additional LARGE oilradiator kit for fast riders (with tuned engine with 135+ hp)
Specially developed for Yamaha YZF R6 (year 2017-2024). But fits the R6 built from 2006 onwards.
For rivers in the CEV (Spain) and CIV (Italy), we have expanded our range with a completely new large oil cooler.

The big advantage of this oil cooler is that it is much more effective than a water cooler.

This JMRaceradiator is delivered as a set including:
– Complete installation of the additional oil cooler on the engine (additional oil cooler is NOT sold individually!)
– Adapter to replace the heat exchanger
– 2 matching oil lines Dash 08 with insulation up to 500 degrees. Our oil lines are high pressure lines and are used in aircraft such as in the Airbus.
– These lines are of the highest quality there is.
– You use the oil cooler to fill before installation and installation of the pipes.
– 50cm. Silicone hose in color: Blue / Black
– 4 hose clamps
– 2 cooling water pipes made of aluminum
– 1 year guarantee
– Easy to assemble and comes with all assembly parts. As you can see in the photo
– Installation instruction and advice from our sales department
– Stainless steel grille is mounted on this radiator to protect the core
– Please use Motul 300V oil (10W-40). We also have 4 liters in stock

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. With this cooler you no longer have the problem of your engine getting too warm on the racetrack.

With this cooler, the temperature stays around 75 degrees on warm days. Even with a tuned R6 engine.

Caution! Does not match the original exhaust system. Already to assemble with ONLY an Akrapovic Race evolution (titanium or stainless steel) exhaust system.

Would you like to order this cooler or do you have any questions about the radiator? Write us.