Starlane Gear indicator

28 November 2022
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5 December 2022

Starlane Gear indicator


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Gear indicator for motorcycles with optional shift light
Description of the motorcycle gear indicator “Engear”
Connection diagram table…
“plug in” adapter for easy installation
Gear indicator for motorcycle with shift light, description

On the race track or when touring, let a quick gear display show you which gear is currently engaged on your motorcycle. This gives you confidence and certainty in which gear you are currently driving and prevents you, for example, from accidentally switching to 1st instead of the desired 2nd gear before a bend.
The gear indicator is compatible with all vehicles whose instruments are powered by electrical impulses. High-quality workmanship, elegant design, 100% water protected! A programmable, blue, ultra-bright shift light is located above the display. The Starlane gear indicator is characterized by an extremely high display speed, has dimming and thus adapts to the ambient brightness. The gear indicator is delivered with German installation instructions and all the necessary assembly and fastening material.

Gear indicator, features/properties​
Dimensions: height 41mm * depth 20mm * width 29mm
waterproof processing
Gear indicator adjusts the brightness of the LED to the ambient brightness
Gear change display in real time
Switchable, very bright shift light
For all vehicles with an electronic speedometer (when using a speedometer cable, we offer an external speed sensor
German instructions

Connection diagram for the universal mounting of the gear indicator for motorcycles


“plug in” adapter to easily and safely mount the gear indicator on your motorcycle

In order to relieve you of the assembly work as much as possible, we have developed “plug in” adapters for some motorcycle models. In the list shown below you will find the adapters we offer. When ordering, you can choose whether you want to mount the gear indicator universally or use an adapter.

For the following motorcycles we offer an optional adapter cable for easy “plug & play” mounting of the gear indicator.