Starlane GPS Laptimer Stealth-LITE V4

R1 2015 onwards K-Tech 35DDS Lite shock absorber
13 June 2023
R1 2018-2019 original dash new
16 June 2023

Starlane GPS Laptimer Stealth-LITE V4


Laptimer Stealth, with internal 10 Hz TWIN GPS, 4 sectors ✔, “Best LAP” Led ✔, data logger function ✔, easy assembly ✔

Without GPS data recording
Archiving of lap times in the MAAT possible (no analysis, or GPS view


Scope of delivery:

  • GPS Laptimer Stealth LITE V4
  • Elastic mounting kit (M8 screw, nut, washer, 2 * rubber washer, retaining cap, 4 self-tapping screws)
  • Dual Lock Velcro Fastening Kit
  • 12 V vehicle battery supply cable
  • Manual Laptimer Stealth


STEALTH series lap timers,
are the smallest lap timers that Starlane has in its range. Where “small” only refers to the size. The scope of performance of the handy lap timer with internal 10 Hz GPS, on the other hand, is huge and probably offers everything that beginners through to advanced racers need. This device can do everything from data recording to displaying the bank of curves. It manages external data loggers, records sector times, there is a “Best Lap” LED and the calculation of the theoretically best lap time by adding up the best sector times of a session. The recorded GPS data can be integrated into a video.
The lap timers of the Stealth series are divided into the Stealth “LITE” and “DATA”. As the name already says, the GPS data is also recorded with the “DATA” version and can be evaluated. It is also possible to connect sensors via a logger to this lap timer. With the “LITE” version, only the lap times can be saved on a PC. With all GPS laptimers, the time measurement is accurate to +/- 1/100 of a second, and intermediate times are also recorded with all GPS laptimers.