SUTER SLIPPER CLUTCH R1 2015 onwards product code: 004-15008_0

6mm. Biting Performance 320mm Brake discs R1 2015 onwards R6 2017+
7 May 2023
R1 2020 onwards Jetprime Throttle Twist Grip with integrated controls
8 May 2023

SUTER SLIPPER CLUTCH R1 2015 onwards product code: 004-15008_0


product code: 004-15008_0

Race & Road special benefits:
Enter more precise turns
Fits any track layout and grip level

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Yamaha R1 from 2015-2024 BTL (Back Torque Limiter) SuterClutch is specially designed to improve lap times while reducing the physical effort of the driver. It is simple and easy to adapt to different conditions and riding styles. It reduces stress on all components, including the transmission, prevents the engine from overrevving and maximizes suspension performance.

The SuterClutch precisely controls all aspects of engine braking and vastly improves bike stability. The result is stable late braking, precise corner entry and optimal corner exit speed.

  • Product is new
  • Advantages of the BTL line for Race, Road & MX:
  • Anti-hopping technology improves the performance of your bike
  • Produces a strongly attenuated braking phase
  • Enables faster lap times
  • Higher cornering speed
  • Less stress on the gearbox
  • Fast assembly without special tools
  • Fully adjustable to personal driving style
  • All milled parts with Teflon anodized coating
  • Extremely wear-resistant, guarantees a longer service life