Thermal Technology XXXL RACE Tyrewarmers

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21 October 2022
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3 November 2022

Thermal Technology XXXL RACE Tyrewarmers


Thermal Technology XXXL “RACE” for R1 2015-2022 tire sizes: 125/70 – 200/65

Professional racing tire warmer for competitions; consists of external polyester fabric with Cordura processing effect
and internal Nomex fabric; The electric track is placed laterally transversely and centrally in longitudinal mode,
thereby ensuring an even temperature throughout the tire of 80ºC.
The Pro product offers the possibility of having custom colors and logos on request,
such as B. Aruba Ducati Superbike Team, Aprilia Team Gresini Tirewarmers, BMW Althea Racing Tirewarmers.

Simple and integrated electronic management

Racing motorbike tire warmer with an electronic controlled device inserted through the tie rod that allows adjustment of the temperature on three pre-set levels,
50°C – 90°C – 110°C with LED indicator and button for selection.

Built with flame retardant outer fabric and unflamable internal fabric nomex and neoprene elastic skirt

– Heating control with bimetallic thermostat 85 ° C
– Polyester outer fabric Insulation with reflective layer Heating element with transverse and longitudinal shape Non-flammable inner fabric Nomex neoprene
-Elastic apron
– 3 years guarantee