underslung for original brake caliper mounting

8mm. quick release fuel-line
20 January 2023
i2m ABS Emulator R1 2CR BX4
25 January 2023

underslung for original brake caliper mounting


Brake caliper bracket below for original brake caliper


We hereby offer a rear brake caliper bracket, which allows the OEM brake caliper to be mounted downwards. This makes it easy to install and remove the rear wheel. This means that the brake caliper can be moved downwards without any problems.

As further options, a variant with RMP chain tensioner V1 / spacer / as well as the directly fitting steel braided brake line with fittings can be ordered. This basic package of a quick-change system enables plug & play installation and an extremely easy rear wheel change.

OEM rims and all additional rims can be used.

Material: AL7075 (EN AW 7075 – also known as aircraft aluminum)


Scope of delivery:

Brake caliper bracket in black for mounting original brake calipers
Stahlflex brake line in black WITHOUT ABS
Black anodized

additional variants:

+ Mounting material & spacer for the connection to the chain tensioner

+ RMP chain tensioner V1

+ brake line