USED R1 2015-2024 PVM alloy wheels

PZRacing Laptimer P&P B2 TRONIC WIFI GPS RECIEVER S1000RR 2019 onwards
18 June 2024
USED R1 2015-2024 PVM 3V alloy wheels ex. Jonas Folger by MGM Superbike
25 June 2024

USED R1 2015-2024 PVM alloy wheels


fit Yamaha YZF R1/M 2015 onwards

PVM Alloy Wheelset 8 Spoke Black YZF-R1 2015-2024
These redesigned  forged aluminum PVM wheels look absolutely great on your bike, but that’s not the only reason you should have them!

Further benefits are the 10% weight saving compared to the original wheels for better handling and the fact that the solid spokes provide up to 40% more stiffness, which leads to better acceleration and braking.

including: pvm captive spacers, sprocket carrier, valves and sensor disc and brake disc front and rear. No sprocket, no Tyres

The brake discs are OEM fit, so any disc will fit the YZF-R1 15>.

The wheels are black and fit the Yamaha YZF-R1 15 onwards