Yamaha brake wedges for oem calipers

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8 September 2021
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23 September 2021

Yamaha brake wedges for oem calipers


Only fit the original 4-piston Yamaha brake calipers
The price is for 2 aluminum wedges.
Delivery from stock.

When changing your yamaha (R1 or R6) front wheel, it is very useful to
After dismantling the brake calipers, slide these wedges directly between the brake pads.

The aluminum wedges are exactly 5.5 mm thick. the discs and make sure that the brake pads (pistons) stay apart.

With the front wheel mounted (e.g. after changing a tire) you can press the claws into position and the wedges will automatically fall out at the rear.

Super handy tool and you never have to pry with a large flat screwdriver again and not damage the brake lining.