GYRT Kit Loom 2CR-F2590-70
18 May 2020
Air Duct
25 May 2020



Yamaha YZF R1 2CR
GYTR BX4-8591A-70


+ Fully adjustable
+ Two modes: SBK and SST
+ Included CD-ROM and needed manuals
+ Official 2019 GYTR kit part for YZF-R1 18/19
+ Official GYTR Pro-Shop and Yamaha WorldSBK supported team

GYTR ECU set YZF-R1 18/19 (SBK & SST) (BX4-8591A-71-00)
(PLEASE NOTE: delivery time on GYTR parts is about a week).

GYTR ECU set for the YZF-R1 18/19. This ECU set (when used in combination with the kit wire harness: BX4F25907000) enables you to adjust the fuel injection, ignition timing, engine break etc. of your bike. The ECU has two different modes: SB (SuperBike) and ST (SuperStock). The CD-ROM, the software manual and the kit manual are included in this set. The 2019 ECU has improved up- and downshift compared to the 2018 ECU.

PLEASE NOTE: For Superbike, according to the 2019 GYTR kit manual, this kit part is only to be used in combination with the following parts:

– 2CR121707000: GYTR camshaft (intake);

– 2CR121807000: GYTR camshaft (exhaust);

– 2CRA21107100: GYTR valve spring set;

– 2CR1440B7000: GYTR air funnel set;

– BX4F25907000: GYTR kit wire harness 2018/2019 (for < 2018 please contact us or check the GYTR kit manual for the part number). For SuperStock, all engine specs need to be standard This is an official 2019 GYTR kit part.