ZX6-R upper water JMRaceradiator

Kawasaki ZX10-R 2004-2005 additional waterradiator
14 July 2022
windscreen race Yamaha R1 2020
30 August 2022

ZX6-R upper water JMRaceradiator


Kawasaki ZX6-R 636cc.



OEM part number:39061-0583


This radiator has a new 30mm. fins (30mm thick cooling element) and therefore has more power than the original with 22mm. The quality and performance are much better than OEM. The new 30mm. radiator mesh core has larger holes and therefore better cooling. We can only guarantee optimal racing performance if you drive without a fan. (only for track use and no TÜV. Not for road use!)
2 year warranty
Fanless (you do NOT use a fan on track for performance reasons).
including the original expansion tank (slightly used)
including 1.5 bar radiator cap
This is not a Chinese radiator but handmade in Europe
Radiator is available as long as this ad is online.
Suitable for the ZX6-R from bj. 2009 but check it yourself.
ALWAYS READ “ASK” FIRST (in the menu on our homepage) and write to us if it is still available.