ZX7-RR Superbike radiator

R1 2CR Superbike kit
27 November 2020
front brake line
17 December 2020

ZX7-RR Superbike radiator


The performance of this large JMRaceradiator is huge.
Comes with a 2: 0 bar JM race cooler filler cap
We can assist you in our JM Performance Center in The Netherlands


The performance of this large old school ZX7-RR JMRaceradiator is huge. It comes with a 2: 0 bar filler cap

The radiator is very easy to assemble and the complete set is plug and play

The set consists of:
– Upper water cooler
– Lower water cooler
-Two years guarantee.
-a.a. Ideal for Kawasakis who are made faster and therefore need extra cooling and endurance.

With this radiator, the temperature stays around 85 degrees on warm days.

Does not go with the original exhaust system. Easy to assemble with an Akrapovic or other comparable racing exhaust system.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. With this cooler you no longer have the problem of your engine getting too warm on the racetrack.