MWR Air funnel set

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27. augustus 2020
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27. november 2020

MWR Air funnel set


Yamaha R1 2015-2019 MWR-VS-950

Also available for R1 2020

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Completely new velocity stacks for the new 2015-2019 R1
Set includes lower stacks / upper stacks & bolts.
The first tests have already been done by WSBK & BSB teams showing that the MWR stacks deliver the same power as the official YEC stacks….
The installation instructions are also included, which is also included with each set.
Installation is the same as OEM stacks , no modifications needed.

The R1 velocity stacks set contains only the stacks + installationbolts .
The mechanism , the bushings (4x push-in) and plain bearings (5x click-on) must be transferred from the original set.
Use the supplied bolts MWR-VS-950