Blip Box 2CR BX4 B3L

R1 2015-2023 PVM alloy wheels 8-spokes
27 February 2023
Jetprime PLS 003 Street Left Handlebar Switch R1 2015-2022
10 March 2023

Blip Box 2CR BX4 B3L


Blip Box-Pro – R1 2015 onwards – Autoblip downshift module (load cell activated)

  • R1 2015 onwards
  • R6 2017 onwards
  • MT-10

UP DATE: 4/22/2024. Bike Sport Development has completely stopped production of Blip Box, but we still have 1 in stock for R1/R6. So available from stock.

Clutch-free shifting ……

Perfect What does this car blipper do?
This miniature module offers a fully programmable throttle auto-blip if the driver ever requests a downshift signal.
The switching signal comes from a load cell integrated into the gear linkage.

The ECU will not flash again and any existing sensors will remain in place. The data from the throttle grip and the integrated CAN bus are used to determine the optimal shift parameters. Just plug them in with the fully pre-wired adapter loom and go.
Installation typically takes 30 minutes. Blip Box – Pro

The Blip Box Pro for the R1 comes complete with a blip map; pre-programmed for your bike powered by a load cell designed to fit directly onto existing shift linkages with no new parts or customer fabrication required and the existing shift switch is simply replaced with a small load cell.

This product is designed for the street, race or track day user who likes the concept of a clutchless downshift.
This load cell also replaces the standard upshift switch on the bike, allowing the blip box to handle the upshifts and allow for a fully programmable shift load. Using dedicated (yet simple) software, any user can connect via USB to change all system parameters, allowing for custom “blip maps”, layer loading and many other parameters. (requires additional BB-UCIF programming tool and software.

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