How should I order and pay?

You order by sending us a email. You can make payments using bank transfer. We accept only payment in advance. You will receive an invoice from us with 21% VAT./TAX. Customars overseas who do not live in the EU can buy our products without 21% TAX. We sell and ship worldwide.

Can I pay with Paypal?



You can pay with Paypal if you like. It is free if you transfer as a frend for compagnies and customars from outside EU. All paypal coasts are for you if this is your choice. Our paypal (ONLY as a frend) address is:


You run a Compagny and want to order?

You can send your order by email to our email address with your request. Including Shipping and Delivery address, email address and phone number (for track and trace). We also like to know the color silicone hose you want and if you need additional stainless steel radiator guard. We recommand to install our guard because the holes are not to small and not to large so it will not increase the performance of the colling capacity. Please feel free to contact us.


How long does it take before I receive my JMRaceradiator? 

We recommand to ASK FIRTS about the deliverytime! We have no JMRaceradiator on stock and it takes some time to produce. The production of the radiator takes about 4 to 20 months. Depending on your order (for a larger radiator + kit we need more time compare to a additional R6 2008 radiator!). It also dependent on the operation in the workshop.  We will prepare and build your radiator as soon as possible and to send it to you. Additional radiator takes about 6-10 weeks and large racing radiator about 10-16 weeks. Always ask first before you order!

Need JMRaceradiators fans?

No, because the JMRaceradiators are build from high performance racing core (30/40mm. thickness!) and the capacity and this helps with the decrease of temperature of the cooling water while you race. You can remove the fans from the original radiator.

Why do I need an extra JMRaceradiators?

You have the additional need to JMRaceradiator the cooling performance increase. Thereby increase the ability of your engine. This way you don’t have to replace your original (OEM) radiator and mount the new point radiator under (behind) the original (OEM) radiator already mounted on your motorcycle. Installation is easy and most of our customers do it yourself. It is also a relatively inexpensive solution.

How do I know if there is enough space under my original (OEM) to place a point/additional radiator?

You must be at least three centimeter space, between the back of the front tire to the exhaust bends when the fork is fully depressed. Point radiators do not fit with stock/original for curves (exception: Kawasaki ZX10-R 2011-2015). You must mount a full exhaust racingsystem (racingline)from Akrapovic, Arrow, Remus, Leo Vince etc. JMRaceradiators are made for trackbike engines and not for street engines. They do NOT fit with roadfairing.

I can’t find my brand? Do you make other brands?

Yes we do! We sell also for Triumph, radiators for Ducati Monster, custom radiators for 2-stroke bikes, Piaggio, MV Augusta and KTM. Please send a email to our compagny inbox.


Sorry, we don’t do any sponsorhelp/sponsorship or deals. So please don’t ask. We give discount, but you have to order 4+ or more radiators in 1 order.

Other questions?

Please get in touch. We are happy to help.