MWR MC-090-15-HE High Efficient Airfilter

Yamaha stainless steel rear brake line
18 March 2023
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20 March 2023

MWR MC-090-15-HE High Efficient Airfilter


Yamaha YZF R1 2015 onwards

Special air filter with top cover from MWR Best there is!
Therefore more damping by the top plate, which dampens the ram air sound (ram air)!

Price includes 21% VAT.
Delivery time: 2-5 days

Type: 2. High Efficient Airfilter for road & race bikes , designed for inletnoise reduction . The revolutionary High Efficient Airfilter is designed to reduce intake noise and yet more power to deliver . This design of airfilter has shown a reduction of up to 8db of intake noise compared to other sportsfilters.
Unlike all other sportsfilter all inlets will get with this High Efficient Airfilter the same quantity of air, regardless the speed of the motorcycle or wind directions .

No different fuel-mappings between internal & external or front & rear cilinders are needed , this will be achieved by tuning each cylinder seper . Caution : clean and re-oil at least once a year with MWR airfilteroil & cleaner. Remapping the ECU or the Fuel Control Module is highly recommended.