PVM Set of 8-spoke alloy wheels

3 May 2021
BREMBO GP4-RX 108mm.
30 August 2021

PVM Set of 8-spoke alloy wheels

– Stocked and suitable on:
Yamaha R1 2CR (2015-2021)


PVM alloy wheel set 8-spoke black YZF-R1 15-2021
These redesigned 8-spoke forged aluminum PVM wheels look absolutely amazing on your bike, but that’s not the only reason you should have them!

Further advantages are the 10% weight reduction compared to the original wheels for better handling and the fact that the massive spokes offer up to 40% more rigidity, which leads to better acceleration and braking.

NOTE: Valves are not included in the scope of delivery, for these wheels you need the 8.3 mm valves (item no .: asc-yc420-1-bk)

To use these wheels as a plug & play spare wheel set for a 15> YZF-R1, you also need the following parts:

– 1SD2517G0000: OEM ABS sensor rotor – 2x (front & rear);

-901490503800: OEM screw for ABS sensor rotor – 5x (long, for front wheel);

-901490503000: OEM screw for ABS sensor rotor – 5x (short, for rear wheel);

-ASC-YC420-1-BK: 90 degree valve set 8.3mm;

– Front brake discs, rear brake disc, the screws for fastening the brake discs and a sprocket with PVM measurements.

The brake discs have the OEM fit, so every brake disc fits the YZF-R1 15>.

The wheels are black and fit the Yamaha YZF-R1 15>