Rearweel Support R1 2CR

R1 2015-2019 ecu extensioncable
2 January 2022
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10 January 2022

Rearweel Support R1 2CR


Rear wheel holder for original rear wheel with screws


Rear wheel guide / holder for Yamaha YZF R1 from 2015-2022

This guide holds the original wheel in position when the axle is removed. Must have a captive caliper for it to work properly.

To use this guide you MUST use a 520 chain / sprocket and shorten the sprocket studs so they are flush with the nuts / washers provided.

To use the guide, remove the axle nut and take the pressure off the wheel with one hand and push the axle out. The wheel tilts slightly to the right, but it stays in place, waiting for you to remove it. The guide runs on the sprocket carrier when the axle is out. To install the axle, use one hand to relieve the wheel and push the axle into place.

We also have this kind of parts in our programm for ZX10-RR, Panigale, S1000RR.


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