Spare part S-pipe add. watercooler R6 2006+

left Y-tube additional waterradiator
6 June 2022
Daytona 675 additional radiator
13 June 2022

Spare part S-pipe add. watercooler R6 2006+


Yamaha R6 model: 2006+

Spare part S-pipe on the right side of the JMRaceradiators additional point waterradiator R6 2006+

Material: aluminum
Fits ONLY at additional JMRaceradiators Water pointradiator year 2006+
DOES NOT FIT water coolers/radiators from other manufacturers!
The price is for 1 right (side) tube
The left cooling water pipe can of course also be ordered separately to mount the spot in combination. the original heat exchanger
Before ordering, check whether this item is in stock.