Yamaha Stainless steel front brake-line

Yamaha R6 2006-2016 CNC machined aluminum caliper underslung
9 December 2022
Yamaha R1 2015+ carbon swingarm covers
14 December 2022

Yamaha Stainless steel front brake-line


Fit Yamaha trackbike

  • R6 2006+ with OEM Calipers
  • R1 2015+ with OEM Calipers

Stainless steel front brake line for the YZF-R6 06> & YZF-R1 15>
Replace the original brake lines with our stainless steel versions to improve stopping power and feel

Suitable for original Yamaha YZF Master brake cylinders and Brembo RSC19 Corsacorta in colour black only

+ stainless steel
+ Improves brake feel
+ Increases braking power