We sell verious types of Radiatorguard. Aluminium: For additional radiators we have the aluminium small version. We also have the large guard from aluminium for your stock radiator. (50cm.x30cm.) You can cut it and mount it at the radiator yourself. Stainless steel: For the Bikes who race IRCC, Isle Man and other roadraces we have also […]


We have three tipes of radiatorcap in stock. The big advantage of a raceradiatorcap is that the use a higher boilingpoint. So more cooling! 1:3 Bar, euro 22,50 1:5 Bar, euro 22,50 2:0 Bar, euro 22,50 most sold for trackbikes. If you race a real racebike, you need to have one!    

Silicone hoses

Cooling water radiator hose kit silicone. This replaces the standard OEM black hose set of your engine. The big advantage of silicone tubing is that she is a better thermal conductivity. A better flow of information and thus better cooling! Ideal for your race track engine. Not available for road vehicles. Available for: Aprilia RVS4 […]


On request we deliver special pipes for your coolingsystem. Pictures attached. This pipe is for CBR600RR PC40. Price: euro 75.00 incl. 21%vat.

Special tools

Aluminium Spanners to mount the oilline to your engine and oilradiataor. In stock. Price a piece: euro 25.00 incl. 21% vat.        

Racing Watertank

Racing watertank plastic watertank aluminium holder to mount at the bike, engine, ram-airintake o-ring to hold the plastic tank at his position Price: euro 65.00 incl. 21% vat.   Ducati (universal) watertank Price: euro 80.00 incl. 21% vat.                                  

Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra

Advanced corrosion-resistant additive for cooling systems in racing and competition engines. Highly protects all metal parts of the cooling system against corrosion and is harmless for all seals, gaskets and all non-metallic parts. Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra keeps the cooling system very clean so that there is a better throughflow and the engine stays cool […]