I2M Chrome Pro 2 universal

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10 February 2023
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12 February 2023

I2M Chrome Pro 2 universal


The Chrome PRO2 represents the latest evolution of the Chrome family by further extending the functions of the Pro version.

Designed for the most demanding riders and teams, it is able to read and acquire over 128 Can Bus channels that are flanked by 30 standards including speed, rpm, external analogue, tire pressures and temperatures, GPS, gears, water and oil …

Thanks to the use of a new dedicated hardware, the Chrome Pro 2 is able to read and acquire over 128 Can Bus channels that are alongside the 30 standard channels including speed, rpm, external analoguse, tire pressures and temperatures, GPS, gears, water oil …The new hardware allows to make the acquisition of the channels fully configurable with a maximum frequency of 500Hz for each channel.Designed for the most demanding user, now the Chrome Pro 2 is not only able to connect to a WiFi network thanks to its integrated antenna, but can create a Wifi HotSpot itself. The connectivity then extends to the management of Polar H7 and H10 low energy heart bands and connectivity to PC and Mac not only via USB stick but also via a special configuration cable.Great attention has been paid to the total configurability of every aspect starting from the alarms, now all RGB, up to the possibility of creating non-linear sensors for each input.A new integrated wiring with a single IP67 connector and new adaptation cards complete the new experience related to the Chrome PRO 2.

Thanks to the collaboration with Tecnoart Sersan, the Chrome PRO 2 is enriched with new screens.Born in 2018 thanks to the development of a special graphic for its special on MV, the collaboration has generated this time new screens that will gradually enrich those already present on the Chrome Pro2.For information on Tecnoart’s graphic works, please visit their website.

The Chrome PRO 2 has a 433MHz receiver inside that allows it to receive the signals of our TPMS sensors by storing up to 4 sensors for each wheel. It is therefore possible to always keep the pressure of both tires and the temperature of the rim monitored, so as to check correct heating with the tire warmers. The configurable alarms allow you to set the RGB LEDs to report any abnormal pressure and temperature values. Finally, the values are acquired so that they can be processed later. The Chrome PRO 2 is supplied complete with two TPMS sensors with relative adapters for 90-degree valves which can be requested in the 8.5 mm or 11.5 mm diameter format.

The Chrome Pro 2 is equipped with a video input to which you can connect a Logitech C270 cam with 1280×720 25fps resolution, while audio recording is entrusted and an internal microphone so as to be shielded from the wind by returning an excellent rendering of vehicle sounds. A CNC aluminum case is available to replace the original plastic case of the C270 logich. This allows to make the webcam watertight by providing it with a comfortable attachment compatible with Go Pro supports and a screw binder connector to connect it directly to the Chrome.

The Chrome Pro 2 comes in a package containing:

  • Chrome Pro 2
  • Antenna with 90 degree SMA joint for TPMS receiver
  • GPS receiver
  • Main wiring
  • 2 TPMS receivers with adapters (optionally for 8.5mm or 11.5mm valves)
  • Lambda sensor BOSH LSU 4.9
  • Cleaning cloth

To install it you only need to choose the plug & play adapter for your motorcycle.