MWR Maintainance Kit 250ml Spraycan

R6 13s Gearbox Part Used
28 January 2024
Putoline N-TECH SPR+ 5W-50
8 February 2024

MWR Maintainance Kit 250ml Spraycan


product code:MWR-002

MWR Maintainance kit  MWR-002  includes 200ml Biodegradable filteroil spraycan & 250 ml Biodegradable filtercleaner


Use always MWR biodegradable filteroil on MWR filters because the filteroil does not burn so it protects the filter from backfires once evaporated.

Rule nr. 1 is to keep you filter always “wet” from oil to protect from dust , sand , water and backfires


Due to shippingregulations the spraycans are only available in Europe