Putoline N-TECH SPR+ 5W-50

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4 February 2024
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8 February 2024

Putoline N-TECH SPR+ 5W-50


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The latest generation of motorcycle oil for your R1 2015 onwards

With over 50 years of experience and expertise in the field of motor oil, Putoline now offers a completely new quality motorcycle oil. For 4-stroke motorcycles, the N-Tech is now the best choice and offers by far the best quality, thanks to the new additive technology.

A new API group 5 fully synthetic base oil is part of the N-Tech technology. By mixing this with the latest high performance additive technology in combination with premium (fully) synthetic components, superior quality is achieved.

High thermal load in a motor can cause oxidation residues, also known as deposits. These deposits van cause the engine to become internally dirty. The piston rings can jam, with a high oil consumption, compression loss and therefore power loss as a result. Deposists can even cause engine damage due to an increased risk of unwanted combustion.

N-Tech has very strong cleaning properties that ensure that the engine remains clean internally, with a long-lasting performance level as a result!

Putoline N-Tech technology

  • Ensures fast, effective and high heat transfer for optimal cooling
  • Provides rapid venting for optimum operation of hydraulic components and full oil pressure
  • Prevents thermal oxidation against carbon deposits
  • Contributes to reduced friction for lower fuel consumption
  • Optimal resistance to negative effects of E10 gasolines
  • Provides high resistance to transmission wear and gear pitting
  • Has exactly the right friction for smooth coupling and to prevent slipping. Even with the most powerful and high torque engines
  • Reduces oil consumption to a minimum

Putoline N-Tech Performance

The mechanical reliability of the motor is significantly increased by the following positive features, resulting in an increase in service life and a decrease in maintenance costs!

Characteristics product range with Putoline N-Tech additive technology

  • Extremely good corrosion protection: effectively neutralize harmful acidic combustion residues throughout the life of the lubricant
  • Extremely compatible for gaskets and rubber seals: less chance of leakage
  • Usable over a wide temperature range due to the high viscosity index
  • Power gain over the entire rev range due to optimal low friction properties
  • Excellent low temperature properties: quick start at low outside temperatures and good wear protection immediately

Putoline Oil is a quality supplier of a wide range of lubricants and maintenance products. They only offer products for powered two-wheelers, which makes them unique! Their many years of experience combined with continuous research leads to the best price / quality ratio. And their own production guarantees consistently high quality. Putoline Oil, Driven by Technology!

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